Channel Management & O.T.A’s Operations

Holistic Sales Channel Management System

Nowadays, in the age of digitalization and e-commerce, over 80% of hotel reservations is made online by platforms such as Booking, Expedia, Hotelbeds etc., known as OTAs (Online Travel Agents). Given their popular and safe use, these platforms act as a hotel’s international digital showcase, as well as the most important digital point of sale.


Thus, constant monitoring of a hotel’s internet profile while at the same time developing an efficient pricing policy are considered prerequisites for a hotel business these days.


What may not be widely known is that new platforms are constantly emerging. Therefore, a hotel’s multifold promotion through these platforms is a competitive advantage that most businesses are unaware of. In other words, a business’s extensive strategic positioning in OTAs may increase their market share considerably.

At Hotel Raise, we make sure that:

  • Direct bookings climb as a result of the constant growing promotion through multiple booking channels.
  • Your hotel develops and manages new sales channels in collaboration with channel management suppliers.
  • Information is updated in each and every communication channel.
  • Overbookings are checked through constant supervision and interconnection of information among booking channels and are resolved the instant they arise!
  • Your hotel’s popularity rating is managed on the basis of customer reviews.
  • Your hotel’s pricing policy is formed per sales channel using specialised tools.
  • Automation systems are applied to guarantee the maximum possible output.

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