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We help hotels and tourism properties as villas and rentals to adapt at a fast and steady pace in the ever changing tourism market.


Channel Management & O.T.A’s Operations

Holistic Sales Channel Management System

Nowadays, in the age of digitalization and e-commerce, over 80% of hotel reservations is made online by platforms such as Booking, Expedia, Hotelbeds etc., known as OTAs (Online Travel Agents).

Reservation Management

Bringing Order in the Chaos of Reservations

From the moment a hotel has developed multiple sales channels thereby increasing its revenues, managing all these reservations may be the next challenge that arises.

Contract Management

Fair & Beneficial Deals

We have been working in the area of contract management process for several years now and we have found ourselves “on both sides of the table”. This has given us an insight into the Tour Operators’ rationale and helped us identify the “tactics” they apply when making deals.

Revenue Management

The Right Price at the Right Time

Revenue Management may be the second biggest “headache” for a hotel owner besides contract management.
What is Revenue Management?

Brand Management

Emphasis on Value — Focus on Reputation

Developing a solid brand image for your hotel not only will make your business stand out from the crowd, but you will also claim your position under the right conditions.

Budgeting & Finance

Coordination coupled with a holistic approach

A resort’s success depends not only on the number of reservations but also on value for money. In addition, rational cash flow management, proper evaluation of service costs, as well as selecting the strategies that produce the best result with the lowest possible expenses are crucial factors.

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