Brand Management

Emphasis on Value — Focus on Reputation

Especially as regards popular tourist destinations, room oversupply has led to the homogenisation of the tourist product. Therefore, one of the goals of today’s hotel businesses is to help a hotel emerge from the “mass” by creating added value through a consistent differentiation strategy.


Developing a solid brand image for your hotel not only will make your business stand out from the crowd, but you will also claim your position under the right conditions.

At Hotel Raise we have the expertise and the tools to build a unique brand for your hotel.

At Hotel Raise

  • We will join hands to draw up your own brand management strategy.
  • We coordinate the hotel’s marketing activities whether they are planned in-house or in collaboration with a marketing company.
  • We draw customized guidelines in order for your hotel to communicate its own image based on your values and provided services.
  • Through close collaboration with our associates or with a team of your own choice we help you coordinate the promotional and advertising activities of your hotel or accommodation (Google Ads, Social Media, PPC, etc.) based on the strategy we have already implemented in revenue management and channel management to maximise performance and increase profits.

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